Vegan Restaurant - Organi Chiado

Our menus are diversified, respecting the environment
and in consonance with the season.

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Organi chiado, Vegan Restaurant in Lisbon
vital food, vital energy

Organi Chiado arises with the goal of being a harmony place. Our base menu is made with products that come directly from nature, but our commitment is not to be restrictive but embracing. We want to reach people, awaken their senses and make them enjoy food with conscience.
All our products are chosen carefully, with high quality and natural ingredients, from local and reliable producers, mostly organic and with no animal product or ingredient. All of our food and dessert are sugar free. Our menus are diversified respecting the environment and in consonance with the season.
Located in Lisbon center, Organi Chiado restaurant is an option of healthy and natural food. Adequate to the concept of macrobiotic, in which the future tendency will be mainly vegetarian and vegan, Organi intends to offer options of high quality and refinement to all, not only to the common vegetarian.

Vegan Food - Organi Chiado


Organic high quality ingredients and, when possible, from local and reliable producers.

Vegan Chocolate Cake - Organi Chiado


Indulge in our gilt free ​and sugar free desserts.

Vegan Restaurant - Organi Chiado


In Chiado, a restaurant close to everyone and for everyone.