Vegan Food - Organi Chiado

About us

The vegan restaurant Organi Chiado started in December 2016, with the goal of being an harmony place for all and among all: us, animals, the environment, the planet, and our own health.

Considered in 2018 and 2019 the Best vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon.

The main menu is made with products that come directly from nature, but our commitment is not to be restrictive but embracing. With Local and Seasonal products, without any animal ingredients, suitable for vegan and vegetarian. Relationships with producers, product quality and respect for the environment are valued, giving preference to safe and sustainable farming methods.

Located on the “little steps” of Calçada Nova de São Francisco, in Chiado. With a pleasant terrace on the historic stairs, in a very Lisbon environment. It also has an interior room, in a building of very typical construction and a private terrace where group dinners are usually held.

More than a business and a commercial activity, the main motivation was the desire to make known the art of cooking with excellence, a vegan and vegetarian food, without any animal product, but with all the flavor.

Providing a true alternative to traditional food and making people feel that it is possible to have true gastronomic experience, with flavor and satisfaction, without any ingredient of animal origin. Stimulating the senses through flavors, smells and textures and awakening a greater awareness, through a quality and tasty offer, where everything becomes possible.

The menus are elaborated taking into account the season, so as to always work with the freshest and most genuine product in flavor and textures. We believe that this flow, from the producers and farmers, the cooking team, the people who serve, all with the right and positive energy, make a difference, which you can feel in the end!