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January 4, 2023


Alimentação Vegana é cara? Mitos e Verdades
Do you believe that vegan food costs more than animal food? This is a very common myth and it comes from the price of food labeled "vegan".   In this content, we will tell you a bit about this myth and assess other conclusions that are regularly drawn about this food and its cost. That way, if you want to start a vegan diet, you will be able to make the decision in an informed way.  

8 truths and myths about vegan’s food cost


Vegan food is more expensive than food with animal products: myth

  For a long time, it was believed that the vegan diet had a higher cost than the diet with animal products, but, this is a myth. After all, 1 kg of meat costs more than 1 kg of any fruit or vegetable. Of course, if you choose industrialized products, the price of food goes up considerably, but if you use only natural products, you are able to spend less monthly on a vegan diet.  

Food labeled "vegan" is expensive: truth

  Industrialized products have a higher price because there is less demand for them, hence the importance of continuing to buy these types of products. What we mean by this is that if the number of people buying these types of products increases, the price of these same products will decrease over time.   But, of course, you don't have to buy industrialized products. In fact, a diet without these products may be cheaper than a diet based on animal foods. The important thing is that you have a diet that provides you with all the nutrients your body needs.  

Tasty vegan food requires a lot of money: myth

  What makes a food tastier or less tasty is the seasonings used, and the same is true for the vegan diet. If the food is not seasoned in the right measure, it will become tasteless, just like meat.   Have doubts? The best way to clear your doubts is by trying dishes in a vegan restaurant. In our vegan restaurant in Lisbon you will be able to try delicious main dishes and desserts that will make you want to eat again.  

The vegan diet is good for body and mind health: true

The vegan diet is rich in natural products, which in itself makes the diet richer and healthier. Of course, this is only possible if the person chooses natural foods and leaves aside less healthy foods.   However, since food is more expensive, there is a higher probability of making vegan food at home, with natural products. And, nowadays, there are hundreds of delicious recipes, only with products that can be used in the vegan diet.  

Vegetarians and vegans lead healthier lives: myth

  People who choose a vegan diet are not necessarily healthier, as they may make choices that lead them in the opposite direction. For example, if the person chooses vegan food with a lot of sugars frequently, their health may be affected.   The same is true if a person does not eat a diverse diet and does not engage in regular physical activity. To be healthy you need to pay attention to a number of factors, not just the diet you have. But, of course, if the vegan diet is done properly, the person will become healthier.  

Children can also be vegan: true

  Yes, it is true, children can also have a vegan diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle without lacking any nutrients. However, in order for the diet to be done properly, you should have regular consultations with the nutritionist. That way it is possible to assess whether the child has all the nutrients the body needs to grow healthy.  

Vegan diet is very limited: myth

In the vegan diet it is possible to consume a wide variety of products, industrialized or not. The only difference from the diet that many have now is that there is not as much knowledge about what can be consumed (or dishes that can be cooked).  

Vegan food results in a lack of nutrients: myth and truth

  This is a myth and a truth at the same time, as it will depend on people's choices. If one only removes meat and other animal products from the diet, one will have a lack of nutrients. However, if care is taken, particularly in choosing foods that provide the nutrients that are being removed from the diet, the person will not have any lack of nutrients.