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February 8, 2023

Vegans: The best areas to live in Portugal

Vegans: The best areas to live in Portugal
The term vegetarian, or “vegan”, is increasingly present within the Portuguese public sphere and for good reason. Far from being a passing fad or a mere niche market, this way of life is multiplying supporters in our country.

The reasons are as diverse as the personalities who practice it. Animal welfare, increasingly present, is surely one of its biggest and noblest flags.

The benefits to one's health have also been proven over the years, and the positive impact on the environment is undeniable. After all, veganism did not come about yesterday. Its more modern philosophy began in 1951 with "The Vegan Society" and became widespread at the end of the past decade, with a focus on 2019.

Also, among us, the number of restaurants dedicated to this delicious way of cooking goes well beyond its well-crafted principles, and today we will find out where we can enjoy some of those.


This beautiful city in Western Algarve has more to offer beyond its picturesque Meia Praia, Ponta da Piedade caves, or Marina.

Increasingly appealing to digital nomads and a new generation that seeks to enjoy life in the most beautiful places in the world, the city has seven 100% vegan restaurants in its surrounding area.

For those who wish to include vegetarian options, this number jumps to a total of 149 restaurants to discover.


The city of Faro stands out for its renown appreciation of novelty. As the entry point for numerous nationalities, it is not surprising to say that vegan or vegetarian restaurants have been around these parts for many years.

Currently, there are seven 100% vegan restaurants, and other 62 that offer vegetarian options, for the  delight of both "Farenses’” and visitors.


The reference website “Happy Cow” is dedicated to show vegan restaurants in this city vicinity, all over the world.

In Porto alone, there are 34 restaurants that are 100% vegan, with several others offering 100% vegetarian options or vegetarian-based menus’. For tourists and residents, these are more than enough reasons to try a whole new culinary world at the distance of a visit.

Those who benefit most are surely those who live here full time. You can enjoy significantly cheaper rentals than in Lisbon, and look for a house online, conveniently near any of these restaurants.


The capital of Portugal is not always the epicenter of everything that happens within the country. With 47 vegan restaurants and over 500 other options that include vegetarian cuisine, we would say that you are in a good place to enjoy a world of flavors.

It is true that Lisbon is also the most expensive city to buy or rent a house in, however, for those who already live here or are visiting, the choices are abundant in number and quality.


With a young population that goes beyond its borders, Braga was elected in 2021 as the best European destination to visit. These arguments are based on an elaborate quality of life index, where there’s room for vegan restaurants.

Currently, there are 9 totally vegan restaurants, in a universe of 80 restaurants where it is possible to enjoy more sustainable menus, free of animal products.

More and more present in the restaurants, but also in the alimentary habits of the national daily life, the vegan diet still has a long way to go when it comes to attracting supporters. Fortunately, there are more and more people who bet on a lifestyle that goes beyond this diet. This has, after all, a positive impact on the environment and animal welfare, not to mention the added health benefits.