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September 20, 2023

The best 4 vegan desserts to surprise your friends with

The best 4 vegan desserts to surprise your friends with
Who says vegan desserts can't be delicious and surprising? Whether you're looking for ways to please your vegan friends or simply want to try something new, these four vegan desserts are perfect for sweetening up any occasion.

Find out why you should opt for vegan desserts and explore the different types, from mousses and puddings to ice creams and semifreddoes, as well as cakes and tarts. Get ready to surprise everyone with these irresistible delights!

Why opt for vegan desserts?

Vegan desserts are a smart choice for many reasons. As well as being free from animal ingredients, they are healthier, more sustainable and more ethical.

Opting for vegan desserts means you're reducing your consumption of dairy products and eggs, thus helping to reduce the demand for these foods and, consequently, the negative impact of the farming industry on the environment.

What's more, vegan desserts are generally lighter and more nutritious, full of natural ingredients and bursting with flavour. Surprise your friends with these delicious and conscious options.

Types of vegan desserts

Mousses and puddings

Vegan mousses and puddings are a delicious way to satisfy your craving for a creamy, smooth dessert. Instead of using eggs and dairy products, these recipes use ingredients such as silken tofu, ripe avocado, coconut milk and natural gelling agents such as agar-agar.

Combined with cocoa powder, fresh fruit or nuts, they result in irresistible desserts full of texture. Try a vegan chocolate mousse with avocado or a chia pudding with red fruits.

Your friends will be impressed by the flavour and lightness of these options.

Ice creams and semifreddoes

Vegan ice creams and semifreddoes are an excellent way to cool off on hot days and still enjoy a delicious dessert. Instead of using dairy products, these recipes use almond milk, coconut milk or even frozen fruit.

You can experiment with flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, mango or even mint. Add some vegan toppings, such as dairy-free chocolate syrup or toasted almonds, for an extra touch of flavour. Your friends will love the creaminess and freshness of these vegan desserts.

Cakes and tarts

Who can resist a good cake or pie? With vegan options, you can surprise your friends with incredibly tasty desserts free from animal ingredients.

There are several alternatives to replace eggs, butter and milk in these recipes, such as ripe bananas, vegetable oil, plant milk and even apple puree.

This way, you can create fluffy cakes, crunchy pies and desserts full of layers of flavour. Try a vegan carrot cake with vegan cream cheese icing or a fresh fruit tart with vegan crispy pastry.

These desserts are sure to please everyone, whether they're vegan or not.

4 vegan desserts

Now that you know the different types of vegan desserts, let's present four delicious options that are sure to surprise your friends:

Vegan red fruit cheesecake: with a crunchy base of walnuts, dates and a creamy filling made with cashew nuts, coconut milk and red fruits, this vegan cheesecake is a real explosion of flavour.

Vegan chocolate brownies: these brownies are rich, decadent and free from animal ingredients. Made with almond flour, cocoa powder, coconut oil and coconut sugar, they are a delicious option for chocolate lovers.

Vegan banana ice cream with peanuts: a refreshing and healthy option, this ice cream is made using only frozen ripe bananas and peanut butter. Simply blend everything in a blender and you'll have a creamy, irresistible ice cream.

Vegan tiramisu: a vegan version of the Italian classic, this tiramisu is made with almond biscuits, strong coffee, cashew nut cream and cocoa powder. It's an elegant dessert full of flavour that is sure to impress your guests.

By opting for vegan desserts, you'll not only be looking after your health, the environment and animals, but you'll also have the opportunity to surprise your friends with delicious and creative options.

From mousses and puddings to ice creams, cakes and tarts, vegan desserts offer a wide variety of flavours and textures to please all palates. 

So put your culinary creativity to good use and try these four incredible vegan desserts. Your friends are sure to be delighted with these delicacies and discover just how marvellous vegan desserts can be.